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Welcome to the Oregon Asset Forfeiture Reporting Site

The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) has launched this asset forfeiture reporting system to provide our constituents with a more streamlined method to report asset forfeitures. The CJC will be using this system for tracking asset forfeiture for the Asset Forfeiture Oversight Committee.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Click here to start a 2018 forfeiture report
We've updated the asset forfeiture reporting site for 2018.
The new website will be

Please, submit your 2017 Use of Proceeds report on this site.
2017 Use of Proceeds report - January 31, 2018
Form available on this site now. Log-in to continue.
(All agencies must report if they have received any forfeiture funds.)

For any problems with using the site, please contact Julie Vaughn at the CJC.

To learn more about the Criminal Justice Commission, visit us here.

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